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ViscoJet Container Agitators

ViscoJet IBC Tote Agitators
One of the greatest benefits of the ViscoJet agitator system is that it can be used with virtually any container. The mixing tank can be upright, on its side, cylindrical, rectangular, or even in motion during transportation and the agitator will be equally effective. Designed for standardized IBC tote containers, ViscoJet’s fixed or fold-able Tornado elements can be inserted into the top of the tank for agitation at any location.

  1. Insert the folded element into the container opening
  2. Close the lid and affix the motor
  3. Start the motor and the agitator element unfolds to begin mixing
Technical Data
VJ350 Container attachment agitator

  • For IBC containers with openings from 150 mm
  • Special VISCO JET® „Tornado“ mixing element with an effective diameter of 650 mm
  • With stainless steel cross beam and lift pockets or aluminium cross beam
  • Drives with 1.1 / 1.5 / 2.2 / 3.0 kW available (380V, also 230V in some cases)
  • Individual speed control for all mixing tasks
  • Different VISCO JET® mixing elements for low, medium and high-viscosity media D Customised to suit your specific requirements D Version for foodstuffs available D Available as ATEX version with 1.85 kW drive D Programming and readout unit D Speed control based on fill level D Lifting fixture

VJ300 Container screw-on agitator

  • For direct screw mounting on IBC containers
  • Special VISCO JET® „Expander“ mixing element with an effective diameter of 300 mm for mixing low-viscosity products
  • Drive with 0.37 kW
  • Version for foodstuffs also available
  • Available as ATEX version
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