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About Us

PROCESSTEC designs, manufactures, and modifies mixing and pumping equipment for the food, paint, chemical, and personal care industry. Processtec also designs statet of the art processing systems  for the food, dairy, and beverage industry.

We are located in California’s Central Valley, near global leaders in the food production and processing industries, and between the big cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Within the industry, PROCESSTEC is known for innovation and a strong commitment to quality. Our mission is to deliver superior process systems that are both efficient and cost effective. We do this by working synergistically with our clients to streamline processes from design through to installation. Our unique mix of product and service offerings enables us to bring value to virtually every step of the manufacturing line development and maintenance process.  

Processtec is specialized to pump, dose, mix, heat, and cool viscous product, regardless if it’s eatable, drinkable, personal care, paint, or chemicals. With GEA we developped the SmartConnect valving system to safely convey viscous product in and out of tanks to fillers, including fully automatic product recovery system. Our process engineering department designs very large processing systems fully in 3D, and in scale to achieve the feel of virtual reality, where the operators can relate themselves operating the system in planning. With eData, our proprietary online component database that synchronizes with Autocad, over many years we developped a comprehensive equipment data and document management tool for systems in the processing industry. eData allows us to collaborate with a project team of any size, location independent, and in real time to manage equipment data from Autocad PID to procurement, electrical engineering, logistics on the construction site with iOS, startup and maintenance for spare parts.
ViscoTec, Inc. Mail: 932 W Mission Ave, Visalia, CA 93277
PROCESSTEC, Inc. • 345 East Tulare Ave, Unit E • Visalia, CA 93277 • Phone: (559) 429-4227 • Fax: (559) 429-4228 • E-mail: info@processtec.com
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