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System Engineering Installation Supervision

PROCESSTEC provides full-service on-site management for both mechanical and electrical installation. We can supply the equipment, tools, crew, and most importantly, expert management to ensure that the installation is both efficient and cost-effective.
One of the many benefits that PROCESSTEC’s on-site team provides is project continuity. Our on-site project manager is involved from the design phase all the way through to completion. Before our team arrives to the customer’s site, the on-site manager has already been involved with the estimating process and has worked with the engineers to have a complete understanding of the scope of work and what is needed to complete the project successfully.
The on-site manager also works closely with our procurement department to purchase installation materials, ensuring that we achieve timely delivery of equipment and optimize the total cost of ownership for the customer. Our product partners are not selected based on price alone; we take into account other factors such as quality, maintenance costs, and the overall lifetime costs to achieve the best value for money.
When we arrive to the customer site, PROCESSTEC sets up an office trailer and work area so that we can work efficiently while the plant continues day-to-day operations without interruption. The on-site manager typically attends plant meetings to keep operations managers informed about our progress and the timeline of the project. We manage inventory for both equipment and installation materials using a bar code system and our proprietary EDATA3 inventory management software.
The types of services we provide for on-site project management include:

  • Crew scheduling
  • Safety training and monitoring
  • Installation document management
  • Material management and procurement
  • Overall quality control

Mechanical Installation Crew
  • Rigging and setting of equipment
  • Sanitary piping
  • Utility piping
  • Pneumatic piping
  • Electrical Installation Crew (Subcontracted)
  • MCC installation
  • Panel installation
  • Conduits
  • High voltage wiring for pumps and agitators
  • Low voltage wiring for instrumentation

• Procurement of processing equipment
• Shipping and tracking for procured items
• Intake control
• On-site logistics for procured items
• Detailed inventory traking with installation
• Equipment-related document management

Maintenance and Spare Parts
PROCESSTEC continues to work with customers in order to provide valuable information for system maintenance. We believe in preventive maintenance in order to keep systems in operation, avoid costly line breakdowns, and maintain motivated maintenance personnel. As soon as the project is finished, our EDATA3 system helps us to:
• Maintain a detailed equipment list
• Maintain detailed spare part lists
• Create a spare part inventory
• Manage and maintain spare part inventories

EDATA3 also helps us manage documents such as:
• Equipment manuals
• P&ID diagrams
• Layouts and 3D models
• Electrical schematics
• Item drawings (tanks, machines, etc.)
Project Management
• Requirement Analysis
• Project Scheduling
• Procurement
• Cost Control

Electrical Engineering and Automation
Electrical Engineering
PROCESSTEC partners with electrical and automation engineers to develop the automation requirements for the systems that we design. We provide the specifications to complete the electrical and automation design. Together with our partners we can provide:
• Panel design
• Electrical schematics
• MCC specification and design
• Communication drawings
• Instrumentation specification
• Electrical bid specification
• Conduit drawings

Measurable results and consistent production are crucial to sanitary process systems. PROCESSTEC designs automated systems and controls that minimize the risk of human error with state-of-the-art human-machine interface design and expert programmable logic controller (PLC) programming.
Functional description specification
• HMI design
• PLC programming
• HMI historian
• HMI recipes

Prior to installation, we perform a factory acceptance test (FAT) to ensure that the system meets approved test plans and specifications. This step minimizes problems during equipment installation. After the equipment has been installed, we work with our partners or the customer’s preferred vendors to perform a site acceptance test (SAT) to confirm that the new system is properly integrated with other systems in the actual working environment.

After Sales Support
- with we offer a online portal with customized login for 24/7 access to as built drawigns, equipment list with order numbers, associated spare parts and manuals.
- Sales of spare parts of various brands

ViscoTec, Inc. Mail: 932 W Mission Ave, Visalia, CA 93277
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