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CIP Systems Multi use systems with Recovery Tanks

Processtec CIP SystemClean in Place (CIP) Systems

PROCESSTEC designs customized CIP systems that clean faster, require less labor and allows our customers to operate more efficiently.

CIP Systems
Sanitary Clean-in-Place (CIP) is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, tanks, sanitary process equipment, filters, and associated fittings, without disassembling the system. Until the 1950s, closed systems had to be disassembled for manual cleaning; the advent of CIP was a boon to industries that needed frequent internal cleaning of their processes. Sanitary process industries that rely heavily on CIP are those that require high levels of hygiene such as: dairy, beverages, processed food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and brewing.


Sanitary CIP System

The benefits of using CIP in the sanitary process industries are that cleaning is faster, the process is less labor intensive, less product is lost, and the process is repeatable.
CIP originally started as a manual practice involving a balance tank, a centrifugal pump, and a connection to the system being cleaned. Since the 1950s, CIP has evolved to include fully automated systems with programmable automated controllers, multiple balance tanks, valves, sensors, heat exchangers, and specially designed spray nozzle systems. Depending on the soil load and process geometry, the CIP design principle is one of the following:

• Deliver a highly turbulent, high-flow-rate solution to effect good cleaning (applies to pipe circuits and some filled equipment)
• Deliver solution as a low-energy spray to fully wet the surface (applies to lightly soiled vessels where a static sprayball may be used)
• Deliver a high-energy impinging spray (applies to highly soiled or large diameter vessels where a dynamic spray device may be used)

Elevated temperature and chemical detergents are often employed to enhance cleaning effectiveness.

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