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iMix Overview

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iMix dynamic in-line mixer

The hollow-body mixing principle has been invented in the 1930. On a rotating shaft, spokes with hollow body-cups have been mounted. The rotational speed forces the product alongside the walls of these cups on the in- and outside. Similar to an aircraft wing, vortexes, turbulences and jet stream acceleration of the product in the hollow body creates a current that flows from the vessel bottom upwards and will be moved on the surface toward the center and the stream moves it back down to rework. This creates a thorough homogenization of the product, gentle to the product and in short mixing time.

In the 1970 this mixing principle got rediscovered. Agitators for any mixing task and any vessel in unlimited variations got built. With this technology batch per batch of product has been mixed for decades very successfully and still is.

Our constant exposure to this mixing technology and the presents around countless applications created a new thought amongst our engineers. How about applying this knowledge and invent a mixing unit that will provide this groundbreaking technology in an inline-mixing constant flow unit?

This was the birth of Processtec’s iMix dynamic inline mixer. Two to over 10 (up to 6 direct connections) products can be injected into a basic media to be mixed in seconds to a perfect homogeneous product that is processed and moved directly to the filler:

- Close to net-zero product loss set up,
- Fully CIP-able
- Short cleaning time
- versatilely changeable ingredient-switches, during operation
- Lower electricity bills, (the unit requires usually less than 1 hp motor power in a standard unit       iMix at a flow rate of approx. 38 GPM)
- Reduces product losses down to negligible costs
- Opens a whole new world for ambitious R&D teams. Create hip and sophisticated products to meeting the modern taste of quickly changing customer’s preferences.

Today’s consumers are better educated than ever before also in health awareness and therefore demand higher quality products in the food, beverage, dairy, personal care and many other industries.

The thorough mixing helps to keep the products longer perfectly homogenized. Less additives are just another benefit resulting from mixing with our iMix inline mixer.

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