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ViscoTwin Overview

ViscoTwin pumps are setting a new standard for sanitary design. The mechanical seals are fully exposed to 100% of the passing CIP liquid and the pump is 100% drainable by design. There are almost no limitations in media viscosity, pumping product from water to silicone at discharge pressures from 230 to 360 psi. With dual mechanical seals, the pumps can run dry for extended periods. It primes low viscous media up to 3 feet and operates with extremely high suction at an NPSH of 3 to 4 feet. It does not get airborne ever. The pump is fully by-directional.
  • Because product is moved axially to the shaft, it can operate at low speed for high viscous product and very high speed    for low viscous media, making it a perfect CIP return pump that never gets airborne.
  • The pump is bi-directional by design.
  • The pump has a higher tolerance for debris and abrasive media than most other pump designs.
  • The pump does not “pinch” soft items at the inlet or discharge, simply moves it though the screw channels without size    restriction.
  • Largest viscosity range from 0 to 1 mio cps
  • It generates almost no pulsation and makes therefore an excellent dosing pump.
  • Very low wear and tear lowers costs for maintenance compared to other pumps for high viscous media.
  • Safe to run dry for extended periods of time when using water flushed seals due to non-touching metal-to-metal rotor    design.
  • Pumps sensitive media gently because of the axial flow design.
  • Pumps media with gas content up to 60% without issues.
  • Product lift capability up to 4 feet.
  • Excellent speed control characteristics compared to Rotary Lobe Pumps.
  • Large temperature span with standard configuration up to 266F.
  • Pump heads can be installed in serial arrangement without bypass valves.
  • Particulate sizes up to 1-1/2” Inches.
  • Can be installed sideways and upside down with small bearing frame adjustments.
  • Heat jacketed pump heads provide a larger heating surface compared to other pump systems
  • ViscoTwin Pumps
    ViscoTwin Pumps
    ViscoTwin Mechanics
    Runtime 1:14sec
    This animation provides an exploded view of the pump with all major components clearly differentiated. It demonstrates the pump’s simplistic and elegant design which in turn provides easier maintenance that can be done more frequently or as needed without extensive downtime.

    This 8 second animation shows the twin screws in motion
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