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SmartConnect Valving System Overview

Using piping technology from GEA, PROCESSTEC has developed an innovative piping system for the food, dairy and beverage industries. The integrated pigging technology enables a streamlined system with fewer pumps, less product loss, fewer CIP cycles and less floor space.

SmartConnect with Integrated Pigging System
Traditional Valve Manifold System with:
System with:
1 fill line, piggable
2 discharge lines, piggable
1 CIP-Supply
1 CIP-Return
System with:
1 fill line, non piggable
2 discharge lines, non piggable
1 CIP-Supply
1 CIP-Return

Why SmartConnect?

For Operations:
  • Streamlined system design with fewer pumps – Because there is less of a pressure drop in the suction line from the tank to the pump, fewer pumps are required, even for high-viscosity and shear-sensitive products
  • Zero production loss – An integrated pigging system in product lines (fill and discharge) makes this possible
  • Fewer CIP cycles – The use of short coupled mixproof valves to the tank itself requires fewer cycles
  • Less floor space required – The entire system is more efficient and compact
  • Cleaner operations – The integrated pigging system and fewer discharge lines makes it easier to keep the floor clean

For Maintenance:
  • Better valve access for easy removal of valves with PROCESSTEC’s height adjustable maintenance cart
  • Easy access to agitator bearings through removable bottom plate (no confined space entry necessary), making regular bearing checks by operations personnel possible
  • Fewer valves to maintain

For Installation
  • Very high design flexibility to enable 24/7 operation in narrow silo hallways with mixproof technology
  • Short system downtimes for installation because of modular pre-fabrication (hours versus days)
  • Fast installation due to pre-fabricated pipes – also for double walled systems to allow for product cooling or heating
  • Fewer valves to install and automate, while accomplishing the same system functionality

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